→ What do you think when you look at my art?

hey I have to write an artists statement and this would be helpful?


1 year ago

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  1. jubilatio answered: Natural. Very human and realistically understood… if that makes sense?
  2. annasketches answered: I love sketchy lines. And your sketchy lines have a lot of character. I love looking at them. They are beautiful. :)
  3. waifu answered: I think that I want to kiss you on the mouth. Is that helpful?
  4. thepinkviolence answered: I think your art is really consistent, don’t know how to describe art, is like you can touch it, you can feel it, specially tha faces
  5. guttergoo answered: It’s very solid and distinct while still being really flowy and expressive! And I am endlessly jealous of those things!
  6. frigandier answered: Fluidity! And expression. Your poses and faces are just tops, you grasp movement and emotion very well.
  7. glitchbop answered: Accuracy, that’s what I think. The anatomy, the way you try to draw canon characters to actually look like themselves and their portrayal.
  8. rosezemlya answered: Expressive and emotive.
  9. shikai-of-the-4th-world answered: You have a unique use of thick and thin lines to convey form for each of your drawings
  10. dandelionfunky answered: First thing I consistantly notice is the way you draw faces, specifically noses and mouths. Your faces are complexly expressive and I love it
  11. plaidyart answered: What an awesome grasp of bodies and their structure/weight!
  12. astro--box answered: I feel giddy inside- when you sy its just quick sketch or a doodle, I also feel massive envy, because you art so wonderfully.
  13. katchan00 answered: I usually whine and wish my body types could be as varied and my poses and colors as interesting and realistic because your stuff is *lovely*
  14. ilcielocapovolto answered: That your art is beautiful and inspiring! *-*
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