So, yeah, Ganon’s a little fucked in this verse?

Or…yeah, no, very fucked.

He has no reason to be alive and is only keeping himself together through full force of will. And Triforce Magic, but whatevs. 

Zelda’s first few conversations with him while he’s captive aren’t really fun for her because he’s half manic and bitter and RUDE 

but once he’s out he mellows. He doesn’t have to put up a front that LOL NO KEEP STABBING I CAN’T FEEL IT IT WON’T KILL ME HAHAHAHAH YOU SUCK AT THIS

but it also means he doesn’t have his righteous anger fueling him and starts to weaken. It becomes pretty obvious pretty fast that if they don’t figure out a way to get him to one of the Great Fairies, he’s really gonna die. 

But they do. Link pushes him into a pond and he comes out of it sputtering and pissed but healthy. 

Ganon won’t have a jewel on his forehead, though, and that’s damn weird. 


2 years ago

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  5. olliecow said: Stop making me crush on Ganon! You draw him so….I can’t figure out what word I want here…
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    Oh god, YESSSSSS Link is all Stay there and Ganon is all I’m gonna fall asleep and drown in this aren’t I— and then ARMS...
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    it’d be cool of the pond was like knee deep but the faeries could use em as portals and jump out and pull people into...
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    Man, that first shot is scaaaary.
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