Ridiculous reasons for shipping Hiccunzel(or any other characters)



  • They get excited after they’ve done something crazy and unbelievable.

  • They have their very own weapon to defend themselves with.

  • Their hair looks not bad when it’s wet.

  • They can easily get very bored.

  • Their ‘love interest’ has a few friends.

  • They have fun spending time with their best friend.

  • They were able to do something special that no one’s ever done before.

  • They can come up to a very high place.

  • They receive a new hair style in the movie they’re from.

  • They’ve been in a place that’s very quiet and secluded.

  • They’re able to stay silent, and listen when someone tells a story.

  • They can manage to get everyone’s attention, and have them surprised.

  • They’ll feel happy for a moment, even if someone’s watching them.

  • They’re able to have both bravery and courage.

  • They clench their teeth when they’re somehow trapped.

  • They have a good set of pearly white teeth.

  • They’re able to see the good in something/someone.

  • There’s a place where they can just relax and hang out.

  • They have the capacity to keep an animal calm.

  • They have a lifelong dream that they want to fulfill.

  • Their best friend is ready for an adventure, only if they are.

  • Their ‘love interest’ gets angry at them.

  • Their parent rarely cares to pay attention to them.

  • They’ll have their eyes filled with fear, when they’re afraid.

  • Their movie has a village that’s on an big island.

  • They walk across a builded bridge in their movie.

  • Their ‘love interest’ intrudes in a place they shouldn’t be in.

  • They can get their best friend to have their ‘love interest’ all freaked out.

  • Their movie was worked on by an amazing famous studio.

  • They were very cute and adorable when they were a baby.

  • Their parent has a dark and evil side of them.

  • They have a scene with their ‘love interest’ that’s very beautiful.

  • They have a romantic moment with their ‘love interest’.

  • They lose an important part of them near the end of their movie.

  • They have a scene that can make us cry.

  • They get surrounded by a group of people.

  • They have a kiss with their ‘love interest’.

  • The title of their movie looks very unique.

  • They have green eyes.
  • They give a great smile.
  • They take time to read a book.
  • They make beautiful art.
  • They work hard to create new stuff.
  • They get stunned when someone shouts at them.
  • They look very determined, when it comes to doing something serious.
  • They can make a look telling you that they’re in an assertive mood.
  • They have a ‘love interest’ in the movie they come from.
  • They have a best friend, which is a reptile.
  • They have a parent who treats them poorly.
  • They’re able to connect with animals.
  • They can dance, and feel free while doing it.
  • They wear a good outfit during the movie they’re in.
  • They get scared when someone comes close with an axe.
  • They keep their distance when meeting someone for the first time.
  • They live in a creatively constructed home.
  • They get excited after they’ve done something crazy and unbelievable.

The more I see what shipping is all about, the more I see lives being wasted shipping shit that’s not meant to be. 

This I approve of for the most part. Most of these aren’t a reason to ship something. Though one or two probably could be used to develop an interesting A.U. or something.

It’s funny because we all know why

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