Oh hey so

Katu and I officially ship MeridaxRapunzel

Anyone else?


2 years ago

#Tangled #Brave

  1. dianapocalypse said: I friend-ship it.
  2. rosezemlya said: Wow, you guys move fast. XD
  3. katchan00 said: Can you imagine the mess of hair that would be in the morning, all tangled together?
  4. thleeny said: OH SWEET JESUS YES
  5. destr0y-something-beautiful said: I’m not sure yet because I don’t know enough about Merida but I don’t think it would be that hard for me to get on this ship. *ships all the things*
  6. therobotthatrocked said: Yes.
  7. spookystrid said: agree agree agree
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