Oh so I also had a fic idea earlier

From reading all those TonyxSteve fics yesterday.

Basically Tony’s an asshole and Steve walks in on him going through his sketchbook and he’s like HEY WHO SAID YOU COULD TOUCH THOSE because they’re still on shitty terms and Tony rips out a page and Steve growls and forces him against the wall because OKAY SERIOUSLY NOT COOL

And Tony just holds up the page between them and goes “It’s of me so it should be mine, right? This is me.”

And it’s a picture Steve drew of a donkey in the Iron man suit with his ass out at the viewer.

And Steve’s so embarrassed that Tony found that because it’s so juvenile and he’s supposed to be better than that (but pro tip, he’s not, he’s human and Tony is an ass) so he lets Tony go and tells him to keep it but NOT touch his shit again, or else.

And the next day Steve finds a photoshoped picture of his head on the Coppertone Girl taped to his door and both he and Thor think that Tony sat down and fucking painted that and Clint has to explain that, no. He in no way exerted that much effort.

But Steve has a hard time not smiling at Tony’s shit eating grin after that.


2 years ago

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