"How to get yourself into a strategically advantageous position to wrestle your asshole friend 101"

Tought by Steve Rogers

Skinny!Steve was secretly the worst boyfriend.

Big Steve is occasionally not much better.


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I’m really struggling with one of the characters in this board. Reminder to self to IM Parker and get some direction cuz I’m just not sure what body language to give this guy


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pierce’s death was too good for him.

How hard he hits him though. He nearly knocks him off the chair he hits him so hard and Bucky’s head bounces on rebound. And Bucky isn’t even being defiant here, just stuck. He’s caught in his own thinking and isn’t really resisting, just not reacting. He’s still Winter Soldier here, but Winter Soldier trying to figure out what just happened with his day and we know he could stop Pierce mid swing if he really wanted. But he doesn’t, just sort of pulls himself back upright still clinging to the fact that SOMEHOW the Soldier knew him and can’t figure out why. The little bit of Bucky that’s left frantically trying to organize fragments of memory.

Pierce died too quick.

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Captain America, drawn in PS.


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Steve and his old man clothes

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ok, I’m getting tired of explaining this…





is the INTERSEX flag. Got it? Intersex; It’s not a gender.

It is not the bigender flag.

It is not the bigender flag.

It is NOT the bigender flag.

I’m getting sick and tired of clueless dyadics using stealing our flag and erasing intersex people.

There’s also a few flags that are confused - for some reason - for the intersex flag:


This is the OII flag, and Australian intersex organization/group. Yes, it’s cool that this Intersex group has created their own flag, but it’s not the universal intersex flag.

…Oh, and for some reason, this flag


keeps being used (by dyadics) thinking that it’s the intersex flag. IT’S NOT. It’s “official” name is the Herm********* Flag. Yeaaah, no. Let’s not use this flag, EVER. It’s actually pretty disgusting.

If you’re going to include intersex people in your flag posts, which you fucking should, please at least know what’s the real intersex flag before you go around claiming you’re some kind of ~ally~ or thinking that you are doing us a favour. You’re really not. 

~Mod A

Update: Please don’t just like this, REBLOG it and spread it around. Lookin’ at you, dyadics.
~Mod A


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(continuation of Turn Back

Drinking that coffee on a practically empty stomach is coming back to bite him in the ass. There’s a multitude of little pains stitched through Steve’s body and now, because he turned his nose up at some goddamn soup, he can add ‘burning ache in abdomen’ to the top of the pile. 

Something must show on his face because before he can start bargaining for some privacy, Pepper asks if he’s alright. Steve pushes down the irritation and schools his expression somewhere lighter. He hasn’t even been out of the elevator a full thirty seconds, she’s asking this. “I’m fine,” Steve says. 

"Have you taken any Tylenol?" Pepper asks. "Aspirin?" Steve shakes his head. He opens his mouth to reiterate the whole ‘fine’ thing, but she continues, polite if firm. "There should be some in the master bathroom." She gets maybe two steps that direction before Tony makes a ‘uhh’ noise that gets her to stop and turn back his way. "What?"

"Super-soldier suite," Tony says. While Steve doesn’t immediately catch on, Pepper seems to. Her shoulders droop before she shifts gears, putting a finger to her mouth, her mind probably already working on an alternative. 

"Its fine," Sam says. "I’ve got some in my pack."

"Really," Steve says, his tone somewhere between sour and exhausted. "I’m doing fine." 

"Take the medicine," Bucky says. Steve turns to frown at him. Bucky frowns back. "You don’t have to be in pain."

"I’m fine.”

"Pretty sure you’re outnumbered," Sam says lightly. He crosses past the both of them and motions for them to follow. "C’mon, it won’t take a second." 

Steve frowns, almost digs his heels in, but Bucky tugs on his hand and almost pulls him after Sam. Steve follows reluctantly. 

He’s a little surprised when Sam’s ‘pack’ turns out to be in stowed in a closet, in the bedroom. 

"…this is Steve’s apartment," Bucky says. Sam looks up from the duffle he’s digging in, set to rest on the bed Steve woke up in two, three hours ago, and nods. "This is Steve’s bedroom."

"Yeah," Sam says. He’s got a slight smile Steve hasn’t seen before and he’s looking at Buck from the corner of his eye almost curiously. Like he’s trying to see if he’ll figure it out. His eyes shift to Steve and—

Christ, he has to be kidding. 

"Your pack is in Steve’s bedroom," Bucky says, tone still nothing but neutral. 

"Bucky," Steve says, turning to him, "go shower." Bucky blinks slowly once, twice, brows knitting, confused. "You stink again," Steve continues. He takes his hand away to shove at Bucky’s normal arm. "Go, its right through there, its got hot water and everything." 


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Steve/Bucky <3<3<3

Drawn in pencil, scanned rather poorly. (I miss you, drawing tablet)

Dude. Duuuuude.  Hearrrtttsss. Now I’m all inspired to try out the ol pencil and paper too, ahahaha.  (no not really, lol. But your results are so pretty!! *grabby hands*)


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bluandorange asked:


Bennett Marrow is not exactly a towering paragon of strength, in spite of the whole lycanthropy issue. Standing at about six-nothing and around a hundred and twenty pounds, a good gust can send him staggering.

Herz Hessian, on the other hand? The scarred-up Kansan had the approximate dimensions of a Dorito with severely bulked up arms and the occasional case of what Rory liked to call “the murder pout.” Generally, Herz was either worriedly chewing on a lip, shyly smiling through what was left of his hair, or nose-deep in a book—on the odd chances he had to look bored in public, not staring at his feet, his thousand-yard stares could look a little menacing. No matter how often Ben kissed them, lavished attention and affection on them, the ragged scars on Herz’s face didn’t do him a ton of favors, visually.

So, that didn’t help to explain how Bennett ended up defending him in a fight. Well, it wasn’t so much a fight as Ben getting his nose moved to a different part of his face by a lucky punch from a drunk asshole and channeling just enough wolf to put the asshole on the ground afterwards.

It all happened so fast, Herz could barely piece together the events, even moments after. They were passing a dive bar on the way back to the parking garage, and Herz glanced inside. Reflex, more than anything. Some drunk stumbled out after them, shouting something about Herz looking at him funny, and grabbed his wrist.

Not necessarily a great situation for the average joe, but clammy cold hands on rope-rash scars generally doesn’t do anything great for attack survivors. Especially not Herz.

He froze, breath catching in his chest. He blinked, and another hand was on top of his, pulling the drunkard away with a harsh bark of a shout. Freezing heat crept in from the sides of his head, wicked and aching, his breath coming back in a quick wheeze. The loud crack of a fist in Bennett’s face didn’t do anything to stall the ensuing panic attack. He blinked again, though, and the asshole was on the ground. Ben is suddenly just rolling his wrist, trying to get the joints to pop, his other hand somewhat occupied in trying to stem the flood of blood pouring out of his obviously broken nose.

His eyes are bright and livid, but immediately faded to their warmth and worry when they returned to Herz. He ducked down—ducked down? Herz realized he’d fallen back on his ass at some point, he’d been in such a haze of panic he hadn’t even noticed. Ben reached the Kansan’s eye level and gently placed his non-bloodied hand on the man’s arm.

“H-hey. Breathe, Herz.” A soft, sweet reminder that Ben always went to when something set his boyfriend off like that. “In. Out. Come on, breathe with me. In—”

“…oh, f-f-fuck.” Neurons began to fizzle out of one panic, into a new one. “Oh, FUCK. B-ben, y-y—”

“That’s not breathing.” His voice is even more nasally than usual, though he is trying to chuckle.

“F-fuck the breathing, B-ben! Your—your nose, Ben—”

“B-breathe? Please? I’m scared you’re gonna g-go, go purple on me or something.” Ben tries his damnedest to not look like a kicked puppy, but, as usual, never succeeds. “Ambulance is already on the way, what am I going t-t’do ‘til then?”

Herz feels some of the tension melt off, especially with Ben’s somewhat unusual calm. He takes a deep breath—shakes off the bratty thought of, not because you ASKED— holds it for a moment, and breathes out. He does it again, and Ben’s doing his best to hide his bloody smile behind his hand.

“I—I knew that jackass k-kinda—kinda r-really set you off. You okay?”

“…y-y-yuh— your n-nose is b-broken and, and you’re asking me how I am?” His voice ends in a squeak.

Ben gives a wet, throaty chuckle and shrugs. “The—th-the moon’s only in three days, this—this’ll heal up right away. M-more likely that I’ll have to—t-to fake it, than anything.”

Herz just quietly puts a hand to his face in an attempt to compose himself. Right. Supernatural boyfriend. He lives with a giant fucking wolf for twelve hours every month, how exactly did he manage to forget?

“Y—I’m—are you okay?” Herz finally manages from behind his own palm.

“I asked first.”


“Indulge the injured i-idiot?”

Herz sighs, the tension falling away entirely, at least for now. “I’m—I’m okay, Ben. I’m fine.”

“Then, I-I am, too.” 


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i like crossovers but i really like the idea of dc and marvel being fictional in eachothers worlds like the teen titans are gonna go see the avengers at the movies tomorrow on their day out and then beast boys gonna do his best hulk impression all day meanwhile a universe over the young avengers are passing around the lastest batman issue and arguing about who could take batman in a fight

i love this too it is my Headcanon


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Knowing you like my Daxter has made my whole night.

YOUR DAXTER IS FUCKING AMAZING you and your friend kicked ass


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  • the Avengers get really bored one day and pick names out of a hat and trade costumes and spend the rest of the day pretending they got bodyswapped to mess with Tony
  • it’s Steve’s idea

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I FINISHED AND IT LOOKS SORT OF OKAY. It’s just Bennett and Herz (my oc and blu’s oc, respectively, if you…. haven’t picked up on that yet or didn’t know) chilling out on the couch. This is probably the day before Ben’s due to transform and he’s all achey and sore and bleh.

Also every human being is smaller than they were originally designed to be when I draw them, I’m sorry, Herz.

and then I found really old art and was shocked by how much i still liked it

Oh my god, this is such an adorable drawing of Ben! And Herz, too, but Ben’s expression…



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Ok so if Steve/Sam=Freebird, can skinny!Steve/Sam=Weebird?



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